External registration providers JavaScript error

Hey I turned on google as an external registration provider within identity. Now I want to turn it off again, but it says fatal rendering error occured with this message

" While your data is safe, the following JavaScript error caused the Netlify UI to crash:
u.get is not a functiony"

Is there any workaround to turn this off again my page is: https://thesubsplugin.netlify.app/

Thanks in advance

It has been removed for you.


I am encountering an issue with my signup page thesubsplugin.netlify.app opening it in some browsers I get this warning, which is misleading and affecting our business:

do you have any idea, how I can get rid of that?

I already asked google to remove it from their list.

Regards and thank you,
Finn Maurer

This is the way. This is not something Netlify can solve for you.