Every Netlify Site I Visit Can't Be Reached from the Philippines

It worked using the Google DNS in my end but the sad thing, it gives also a bad impression to share the link to the visitors. It’s sad to know that we are going to instruct them to use VPN or DNS from time to time.

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Hi, @franzm. To be clear, Netlify is not causing this. This is being caused by the internet service providers (ISPs) there in the Philippines. We don’t have any way to fix a service controlled by someone else. In other words, we don’t control your ISP’s systems so we cannot fix it.

My suggestion would be for you to contact your ISP to ask them why they are blocking our service and ask them to stop doing it.

If they have any questions, you can point them to this post to help communicate the size of the impact their mistake is causing for their own customers.

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Hello again everyone.

From here, I tried contacting PLDT for almost a week now, here’s an update:

  1. I can’t find PLDT’s email. None is mentioned on their website. There is however a phone number. I contacted it, a bot answered. I received standard customer support responses designed to diagnose “internet connection problems”. None of it is relevant to this context.

  2. I patiently tried to contact their Twitter support account. For a week, I received standard bot replies telling me various troubleshooting things (e.g. restart my router). After 7 days, eventually, a human replied. Here’s their response:

You’re welcome. However, due to limited scope, we only attend to concerns that are PLDT account-related or troubleshooting concerns. We regret to inform you as well that we do not have a direct email for our developer team.

Apparently, their support team has no means to address these kinds of issues. I’m trying to find any dev-related contact info, but I found none on their websites or in their social media pages. I went to a local branch and they said that they only know how to fix account-related and (physical) connection-related issues. So yeah. I don’t know how to proceed from here.

Last options I can think of:

  • If a fellow Filipino reading this has a personal contact inside PLDT, please let them know about this issue.
  • If someone is in NCR and near PLDT’s main office, maybe try to inquire from there. I’m in the province right now, so I can’t do this myself.

Thank you.

Edit: new PLDT emails were given to me. Thank you. Will contact them again :smiley:


gosh, what a struggle! thank you for working so hard to get access back to netlify sites from the philippines. we are also still trying to address this, and will keep you updated if we hear anything.


i have the same issue

Hi, @iamthenewking. People are reporting above that changing from the default DNS resolver the ISP provides to a different public DNS resolver fixes the issues. You can find a list of public resolvers in many places, for example here:

The fact that changing the resolver fixes the issues proves that it is the ISP itself causing the block. Because the ISP is doing this, Netlify has no way to fix it. Netlify cannot control the ISP’s systems. Only the ISP can control their own systems and, for that reason, only they can fix this.

I’ve tried in the past to contact ISPs about these types of blocks and, because I’m not one of their customers, the customer service people I spoke to were not willing to help me. However, since you are their paying customer, they’ll probably listen to you. I strongly recommend contacting your ISP directly about the block and ask them to remove it. Companies tend to pay more attention to their customers (you) than they do to someone from web hosting service they have never heard of before (me).

You can point them to this forum topic to help them understand the issue. The ISP’s employees are also welcome to post here or to email support@netlify.com to troubleshoot this.

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I’m contacting Smart (subsidiary of PLDT) to check on this issue. I tried connecting through a different ISP (Globe) here in the Philippines and netlify.app sites are accessible. So far issue is only experienced when connected via Smart or PLDT. I’ll share updates once I have response from Support.


thank you, @michvdh . we’re about as frustrated as you all are about this situation - sadly there isn’t much we seem to be able to do to get in touch with PLDT as we are not their direct customers. thanks for continuing to try!


Good news! Smart and PLDT are no longer blocking netlify.app domain. Sites are now accessible here in PH :slight_smile:


that is great news! can other people verify this as well? i am also asking our engineers to run some checks.

Philippine surely fvck when giving this kind of shet to us. Currently, MAY 3, 2022 I have the same issue, I do not know why I can’t access my projects and the only thing I can do is to upload and login. That’s it

which ISP do you use, @goquezpadon ?

Sadly, issue happened again with Smart and PLDT. I have an active ticket with their Technical Team, still waiting for their response.

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Hi, @michvdh. There is a workaround which individuals can use to fix this (meaning, this will fix it for people that make the change but not for anyone else).

From what I’ve seen in this thread, the ISPs are blocking access by refusing to return the DNS records.

The workaround is to stop using your ISPs DNS service and to use some third-party DNS service. You can web search for “free DNS resolvers” to find alternatives. I found a blog post with example here:

Again, please note this only fixes the issue on computers where you make this change. It won’t fix it for other people unless they do the same.

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Thanks @luke
In addition to that, other ISPs here in PH don’t block netlify.app domain. Just those 2 – Smart and PLDT.
VPN is also a workaround. But we really would like the sites to be accessible without the extra steps. I’ll drop updates again once I have response from their Tech Team. I shared this link/thread as well for their reference.

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Still happening this May 2022. I cannot open the netfliy.app sites in my laptop but in my mobile phone, it works. Same network, same ISP.
Had to change the DNS as suggested by the people here.
My ISP is PLDT as well.

Still happening in June. Had to use VPN to access my site.

Hi, @jameandreu and @dmbrga. Please note the error in this case is happening at your ISP and Netlify cannot force them to fix it. However, you are both their paying customers and they are much more likely to listen to you than they are to listen to us.

I do recommend reporting this issue to your ISP’s technical support and asking that they fix it. They are the only ones that can do so.

Hello @luke and fellow netlifyzens…

Thinking creatively, would it be possible to explore netlify providing an alternate domain that may not be blacklisted?

Something like netlify.ph (Filipino TLD) ?

Also, to affected users: It’s very likely that connecting a custom domain will fix this issue. Could someone confirm this to be the case?

There are high chances that would be blocked too once it’s known. It could soon turn into a cat-mouse game. So, we’d need to know why we’re being blocked and try to fix the root cause.

If someone can shed light on that, it would be great.