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    Problem: Server Not found

I have tried redeploying my app which is from private github repo using eleventy. The deployment always succeeds but I can’t access the domain. Any ideas?

Hey @jazar17

I believe you are located in the Philippines?

There is a known issue with access to the domain from the Philippines although a recent post on that thread suggested this was no longer the case.

One way around this is to use a custom domain (at a cost of course.)

Issue was fixed a few days ago but problem recurred. I have an open ticket with the ISP (in PH) in question. Still waiting for response from their Technical Support.

@jazar17 , you’re probably using Smart or PLDT to access the site.
Temporary workaround for access would be to use VPN or use Globe.


Thanks for providing that update @michvdh.

I suggest following along in the linked thread for updates @jazar17