Every Netlify Site I Visit Can't Be Reached from the Philippines

Sadly, issue happened again with Smart and PLDT. I have an active ticket with their Technical Team, still waiting for their response.

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Hi, @michvdh. There is a workaround which individuals can use to fix this (meaning, this will fix it for people that make the change but not for anyone else).

From what I’ve seen in this thread, the ISPs are blocking access by refusing to return the DNS records.

The workaround is to stop using your ISPs DNS service and to use some third-party DNS service. You can web search for “free DNS resolvers” to find alternatives. I found a blog post with example here:

Again, please note this only fixes the issue on computers where you make this change. It won’t fix it for other people unless they do the same.

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Thanks @luke
In addition to that, other ISPs here in PH don’t block netlify.app domain. Just those 2 – Smart and PLDT.
VPN is also a workaround. But we really would like the sites to be accessible without the extra steps. I’ll drop updates again once I have response from their Tech Team. I shared this link/thread as well for their reference.

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Still happening this May 2022. I cannot open the netfliy.app sites in my laptop but in my mobile phone, it works. Same network, same ISP.
Had to change the DNS as suggested by the people here.
My ISP is PLDT as well.

Still happening in June. Had to use VPN to access my site.

Hi, @jameandreu and @dmbrga. Please note the error in this case is happening at your ISP and Netlify cannot force them to fix it. However, you are both their paying customers and they are much more likely to listen to you than they are to listen to us.

I do recommend reporting this issue to your ISP’s technical support and asking that they fix it. They are the only ones that can do so.

Hello @luke and fellow netlifyzens…

Thinking creatively, would it be possible to explore netlify providing an alternate domain that may not be blacklisted?

Something like netlify.ph (Filipino TLD) ?

Also, to affected users: It’s very likely that connecting a custom domain will fix this issue. Could someone confirm this to be the case?

There are high chances that would be blocked too once it’s known. It could soon turn into a cat-mouse game. So, we’d need to know why we’re being blocked and try to fix the root cause.

If someone can shed light on that, it would be great.

Same problem here, can’t access any Netlify article using PLDT

Hi, @DLSUprofessor. To be clear, this mistake is happening at the ISP. Only the ISP can fix this. Netlify cannot as we cannot control the blocking at the ISP. As stated above, the only solution for this is for you to contact the ISPs that are doing this and to tell them to stop blocking sites hosted on our service.

Netlify doesn’t have the resources to contact ISPs that block us in error. We also have no business relationship with the ISPs.

You, on the other hand, are a paying customer using their service. This means they have a reason to pay attention to what you say and they are legally required to provide you with the service you pay for. If you call them and ask them to stop blocking Netlify, they are far more likely to listen to you than they are to listen to us.

Every time I checked my data balance thru PLDT Dashboard, I always got this error message when I used some DNS. They’re using IMPERVA IP here.

Hi, @fraxxm. That screenshot doesn’t show me the information required to troubleshoot. However, as this issue as already been covered extensively, we likely don’t need that information anway.

In every case in this thread so far, the issue is this:

  • Your local ISP (internet service provider) is blocking access to the IP address that Netlify is using.

As it is your local ISP doing this and only they can fix it. No one at Netlify can change the configuration of your ISP’s systems. The ISP itself is the only organization that can fix this issue as they are the ones causing it.

We recommend contacting your ISP and asking them to stop blocking our IP addresses.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

same thing is happening also me, why is this? can netlify fix this? or browsers just dont like the .app. I am using a fresh install google chrome and tried to access this website.

Hi, @MisterJ. I do answer these exact questions in the post directly above this one:

​Please let us know if there are other questions.

Wouldn’t it be more effective for Netlify to reach out to the ISP and find out why Netlify is blacklisted? Presumably the ISP doesn’t like some content or something on the IP address. Netlify could/should track it down and ask the owner of the content to remedy it.

I can see why you’d think that would be the best path forward, but it has unfortunately never been effective in the past and I wouldn’t expect it to work better this time.

We’ve tried more than once in the case of past blocks, and the reality is that most ISP’s do not want to talk to anyone who is not paying them - and we don’t pay them anything (but, presumably, you do, and as a paying customer, you have some way of contacting them to which they are required to be responsive). If I were trying to “contact Netlify about a network block” as a non-customer, I’d have to come ask here, in the forums. While our forums are actually staffed by our support team, so that could actually work for someone…many other companies do not have the same situation.

Regardless, we have stopped shouting our questions to an uncaring blank wall in these situations, and now ask the people who have a business relationship with the ISP to make the request for us. Seems like if you don’t like their answer, you can decide if you want to find a new ISP or not - which is leverage that we don’t have in that relationship, so once again, one less reason for them to care about some random person contacting them.

Conversely, if one of our network providers were having trouble that stopped you from connecting - that would be our problem, and we would be working with our network provider directly on your (and our) behalf. Since we do have a paying business relationship with them, these escalations tend to go well, and get resolved quickly.

Hopefully your ISP is listening to you at that level; if not, us trying to talk to them is not likely to go any better than you asking (except, probably worse, since I don’t have an account number or customer login to their support portal, to even file a request).

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I understand that the ISP don’t want to talk to people who aren’t paying them, also I think I’m confusing two different threads. my issue is Chrome vs Safari and not Philippine ISPs

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Hey there, @mrdcmiller :wave:

Thanks for following up. Because your question is not related to Philippines ISPs, let’s continue the conversation on the following thread:

We ask that customers keep questions in one thread so that we can streamline our support. Thanks!

Hello hrishikesh, I’m in Philippines I can’t access this site using normal browsing. It is only working if I’m using proxysites. I hope this problem will fix soon. BTW I’m a fan of netlify

Hi @JM-Grande and All,

I found a discussion on Reddit created about a month ago which links back to this thread

One of the responses in the thread states

Not a PLDT dev nor employee, though I do have friends who work there.
It has to do with the “blocking” of malicious/phishing sites. It isn’t technically a block since you can just change your DNS provider to something like Google or Cloudflare and everything will work.

Source: PLDT group blocked more malicious web links in June

This article is a recent one too, while this thread was opened in December last year. But it relates to the blocking of malicious sites/services. Unfortunately people have hosted misleading/malicious content on Netlify and probably continue to do so. They are quick to take this information down when reported (something I have done several times.)

As mentioned here previously and in the about citation, using public DNS such as Google or Cloudflare will allow anyone in the Philippines to access the netlify.app domain and any <site>.netlify.app subdomain.

As also noted, using a custom domain will also permit access as the block is of a domain, not IP/network.

Looking at Internet censorship in the Philippines, I read that the Internet is (generally) not restricted or monitored by the government. It seems some have tried contacting PLDT directly with no success to resolve this matter. Are there organisations (I’m thinking of the Foundation for Media Alternatives or National Telecommunications Commission or other regulatory authority or ombudsman) who you can contact (potentially as a group to highlight the size of the issue) that will look into the wholesale blocking of Netlify, and may have the ability to force a change?