Error when trying to add a subdomain

Hi. I’m trying to add a subdomain to my app but I’m getting the following error:

> custom_domain or one of its subdomains is already in use by another team on Netlify

I own this domain and I don’t have any other accounts (that I know off) linked to that domain. Is there a way to remove the domain from the other account? My site name is:

Any help resolving this issue at the earliest convenient would be greatly appreciated.

Per other post I saw with this same issue. I have created a TXT Record with a link to this post to verify that I own this domain name. (txt dns record)



The domain is being used here: ▷ Find a Commercial Outdoor Furniture Store Near You - Kannoa. Removing the domain will take that site offline. Should we proceed?

Hi @hrishikesh thanks for the information. I have found a work around for the time being so lets not remove that and lets keep everything as is. I’ll reach back if we need anything further.