Embedded Vimeo Live Streaming

I’d like to set up an embedded video streaming from Vimeo using my own page. Since the procedure relies on an iframe that points directly to Vimeo, I don’t think the video streaming per se would count towards Netlify’s bandwidth usage - but I can’t clear this out anywhere. Does anyone know about it/have something similar up and running with Netlify?

@casals Welcome to the Netlify community.

I have a few pages that show Vimeo content, but I don’t get enough traffic to run into any limits anywhere.

With that said, Vimeo content isn’t cached or delivered via the Netlify CDN, so you should be fine on that count.

hi @casals,

if you are hosting the video on vimeo and loading it in to your site via an iframe, then it is still coming from vimeo’s servers (with view layer that serves as a wrapper is coming from our servers, but the data file is not transferred from vimeo onto a netlify server and then to the customer) so this shouldn’t count towards bandwidth.

a little more info on how we bill for bandwidth: