Video Background - Bandwidth use - Tips needed

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding bandwidth use and general practices. I am building a static website for a client who wants a background video. This video is 80Mo size (after asking him to reduce it already).

My question is, will the free plan Netlify be enough ? How is the bandwidth use calculated ? If Netlify will not meet my needs for this video, which other service could I use ?

Thanks in advance for your potential tips here, I don’t really know how to solve this problematic.


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80MB is very large for a background video. How long is it, what is the bitrate, and size? Short and small is the general “rules” for such things (IMHO.)

Netlify Large Media states

Netlify Large Media is not suitable for streaming audio or video files. However, storing these assets for download should work well.

so that is out.

Files over ~5mb are not (as I understand) sent out across the CDN and are instead streamed from the origin server. This will impact performance on a file that large.

This would entirely depend on the amount of traffic the site is likely to generate. 80MB (0.08GB) goes into 100GB a lot. But by the time all other content is taken into account, it could go over this.
As for how bandwidth is calculated, check out What does actually count in bandwidth? - #2 by luke

Services such as Cloudinary, or ImageKit, both offer image/video hosting and provide transforms, allowing different sizes for different devices. This is possibly the best option.

Hi, thank you very much for your answers that was very helpful !

I decided in the end to remove that big file and go with another solution as it should be.


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