Abnormal bandwidth usage and cache settings


I have created an account 7 days ago, built a small static (next.js) website with only a few pages and a hero video on the homepage. Netlify bandwidth shows already at 17 GB/100 GB. This is insane knowing that the only visitor has been me.

website: [REDACTED]

In my network tab I can see, as an example, that the video keeps being downloaded without ever being cached. Status 206. So I think there is a caching problem somehow. I have not overridden Netlify’s headers and haven’t configured any custom ones in a netlify.toml file. All files are hosted on Netlify with no other CDN being used currently.

There must be an obvious problem somewhere here. But 17GB after few days and only 1 user does not leave me with much confidence for when the website starts to receive traffic. Can someone please help?

Many thanks.

Got it to work by adding the following into next.config.js:

const headers = {
  headers: async () => [
        // list more extensions here if needed; these are all the resources in the `public` folder including the subfolders
        source: '/:all*(svg|jpg|png|mp4)',
        locale: false,
        headers: [
                key: 'Cache-Control',
                value: 'public, max-age=31536000, stale-while-revalidate',

and exporting this in the same module.

module.exports = 

I also found that you can place a _headers file into the public folder targeting specific files like so:

 Cache-Control: public, max-age=31536000,stale-while-revalidate'

Thanks for circling back and sharing your solution!