Duda Site Builder to Netlify

Hey all,

I currently have a few sites in Duda which is a web builder - I’ve exported the site but the files don’t seem to have a similar static site structure that can be built.

My site is jade-taiyaki-74dc46 - full url: https://jade-taiyaki-74dc46.netlify.app/

Has anyone had joy building sites from Duda/Ionos??

Thanks in advance


@frankinstyyn I’m unfamiliar with Duda, but if the export is a html site it should still be able to be hosted, are you able to provide a link to the files of an export?

Hey @nathanmartin sorry, didn’t get a notification on this - thanks for coming back. I can provide a link to the files that have been exported - it’s just not in the file structure I’m used to and Netlify build keep failing - link here - https://we.tl/t-NRydRFhJe5

Also, changing the file refs doesn’t seem to work either! Thanks for the help

@frankinstyyn Sorry I was sick all last week and only just thought to check back in here.

Checking the folder/file structure that you’ve provided from Duda and the references between the files, I can see why you’re encountering issues.

You will need to deploy the entire folder, due to assets like /Scripts/ being in the root, but having all of the Pages located under Pages/desktop/ (and also Pages/mobile, Pages/tablet!) complicates matters.

The page references themselves tend to be relative, but there are root relative references peppered throughout to things like the page specific style.css files within each of the page folders.

So… provided that the files in the Pages/desktop folder are what you want, (and especially if you plan to try and make future changes in Duda), the easiest way I can think of to get it running on Netlify without changing much, would be to copy all of the folders from the Pages/desktop folder into the root, so that they’re duplicated.

This would mean that you actually end up with /home/ folder in the root (and not just Pages/desktop/home), while also leaving the page specific style.css files in place in Pages/desktop/home/style.css.

I’ve tested this locally and it works fine.

You would then just need to set up a redirect/rewrite to push users visiting the root / to your /home/ folder.

The forms on the pages won’t work as they’re currently coded though, you’ll need to convert those to Netlify Forms or use another solution.

Heyyyy @nathanmartin!!

Thank you so much for the info you provided. I think I’ve followed the correct steps and this is now my file/folder structure… but getting the same issue as before.

What you’ve described does make sense… Locally or on Netlify I can’t get it working :frowning:

Also - the refs don’t work unless I quote the root like this: href=“…/…/drp2023-01-17_33889c91/Style/desktop.css”

@frankinstyyn It’s been so long now it’s hard for me to remember the specifics of your project.

Can you provide a fresh output from Duda?

So that I can test and confirm my own instructions.

Totally understand! It’s been months! Thank you for helping again. I’ll send over a we transfer again, nothing has actually changed though but I’ll send fresh code. Thanks again

Here you go Nathan! Thanks so much again!

I took a quick look at your project and I do not think it’s supposed to work fine on Netlify. Your home page seems to be here:

For some reason, there’s a different HTML file for desktop/mobile/tablet. Based on Netlify’s current working principles, unless you somehow merge all this into one, this would probably not work here.

Thanks @frankinstyyn, I’d not kept your files from Jan and the WeTransfer had expired.

@hrishikesh It’s certainly not an export that’s made to be hosted on Netlify.

However following my own previous instructions it can be made to “kind of work” (with minimal changes).

Which is to say, there are things that are obviously still broken, but I haven’t looked into why.

Following the instructions…

  1. Starting with the files provided:

  1. Copying all the files from /Pages/desktop to the root / ends up with:

  1. At this point the home page is /home/index.html so it loads as /home:

  1. If you move the file from /home/index.html to the root (so it is /index.html) you get:

If you deployed the files with this structure they should load on Netlify.

Additional notes:

  • As I’d previously mentioned, you could use a redirect/proxy to push visitors from / to /home/ but I suspect you would find it easier to just move the file.

  • Every time you export the site, you would need to make every change again.


Hey @hrishikesh - these are certainly not meant to be hosted outside of Duda! Hence why I’m really struggling! With @nathanmartin’s help though. We should crack it :slight_smile: :blush:

Hey @nathanmartin - I tried this locally and was getting sweet nothing. I deployed manually to Netlify though and it worked like a charm…

Thank you for your help with this, very much appreciated!!!

You could serve the files using largely any webserver.

If you have node installed you can use serve.
I just ran npx serve within the folder.