Domain not useable in new account

Hello, I deleted my old account and created a new domain, So now if I want to add this domain in my new account it’s throwing this error "custom_domain is owned by the other account”

Hello! If you follow the steps below, one of the support staff member will be able to remove ownership of the domain from your old account so that you can re-add them to the new account.

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Hello @hartanto, I have added the txt DNS record in my domain host. Can you kindly check?

Hi, @ObikaKelvin. Thank you for making the verification DNS record. You should be able to use the domain name again now.

I also noticed the DNS configuration is far from ideal:		300	IN	A	300	IN	CNAME

You are pointing the site to a single IP address at Netlify. Making www primary and pointing the domain to the site’s subdomain under will point it to many IP addresses and this is what enables the full CDN.

The external DNS instructions can be found here: