Domain Name is already registered?

I have created an “A Record” on my GoDaddy DNS console, e.g.
But when I need to add into my Netlify app, it says: is already registered. If you registered this domain name through a different registrar, select Add domain to begin delegating it to Netlify.

But I added already, if I just typing xxx, it would say:

Invalid domain name
We couldn’t recognize your domain name. If you’re certain that it’s valid, please contact support for guidance.

Anyone can help? Thanks

Hey @stephy

It is always helpful if you can provide the domain in question rather than random placeholders.

If you are adding a subdomain to a site and using external DNS you need to create a CNAME record with that points to the Netlify site you wish to associate the domain with.

In this instance, you press the “Add domain” button.

If you have any issues, please provide the domain you are using, and the Netlify site you are wishing to connect the domain to.

Hi @coelmay,

My domain is, and I would like to add into my Netlify app.

In order to add, as per previously linked documentation, you need to create a CNAME pointing to your Netlify domain, and add it as a custom domain to said site.

@coelmay, is it correct?

But it still saying this…

Yes, the record is correct.

Press the Add domain button and the rest will follow :slight_smile:

Problem persists…
I may need to contact support

Have you already added this subdomain to another site?

@coelmay I don’t think so

In that case @stephy, you will need to verify domain ownership

@coelmay Oh~ Let me check on some orphaned accounts from our company. Thanks for your kind assistance.