Domain name already in use at Netlify

I have two sites each with a different domain assigned and two SSL Certs. One for each domain. If I am looking at a site in one domain and click on a link it opens the other domain.
They appear to be “crossed”.
I’ve done the following:
Removed the custom domain on each site, waited a few hours and then re-applied the custom domain to each. I also have deleted the SSL and cert for each and waited a few hours and added the cert back. Nothing seems to work. Can someone look into this? Any tips/ideas to try?


Moving names between sites can confuse our CDN. If you’d like to tell me both domain names, I can try to untangle them for you, but our office is closed over the weekend so it won’t happen until Monday, most likely.

I had a feeling that might be it. I will remove the domain names and let things settle for a day or so. I’ll check back here if it is still an issue. Thanks for the help.

Here are the domains. I don’t think waiting wil do the trick. I tested this morning and they are still messed up.

Thanks for the help.

Hi, @Mrapplegate50. The domain is working normally when I test and the links in that site open to the same domain (not to If you see something different would you please share the URL where you see the issue and let me know which link (a single example will do) on the page which shows this behavior?

Now, for however, I’m not showing this domain currently linked to any sites at Netlify at all. Would you please confirm that this domain has been configured for a site at Netlify?

This setting is found under Site name > Settings > Domain management > Custom domains.

Are both domains added there? If not, would you be willing to please try adding both domain names there and let us know if there are other question (or if this doesn’t resolve the issue)?

Sorry for the late reply. I ended up deleting all my sites and then re-adding a few sites.
Thanks for the help.
I did find a new issue.
My domain seems to be issued to a site which is not “alive” anymore. Can you free it up for me?

Hi, @Mrapplegate50, this domain is linked to a site at Netlify which I think is on a different team from the one you normally use at Netlify (but which I suspect is also your team).

There are two main ways to proceed:

  • you can log into the other team at Netlify and delete the domain from the site it is currently linked to
  • you can create a verification DNS record (a TXT type record) and then we can delete domain from the current site

Would you please let us know which solution you prefer?

Oh makes sense. I don’t remember making another account. I’ll look into it and try and log in with another Github account.
Thanks for the help.

I don’t see a domain attached.
What TXT record do you want me to add?

Hi, @Mrapplegate50. I sent you a private message with the verification record to create to verify the domain name with us.

​Please let us know when that record exists. We’ll confirm, remove the domain from the other Netlify site/team, and then reply here to let you know it has been completed.

If there are any questions or if you don’t see the private message from me, please let us know with a reply here.

All done. Let me know if it worked. Thanks for your help.

@Mrapplegate50, I confirmed the verification DNS record does indeed exist and the domain has been removed from the other Netlify site/team now.

Please feel free to delete the verification DNS record also as it is no longer required.

You should be able to add this domain to a different Netlify team and site now. If there are any issues with or questions about this, please reply anytime.

Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.