Domain displays website of old app that it is not pointing to any more

Hi. We have a domain that used to serve a specific app on Netlify. We shut down that service, and for that build a new “Sunset site” to replace the existing website and documentation (by redirecting to the homepage of the domain) - deployed as a new app on Netlify as well.

Yesterday evening I removed the domain from the old app and put it on the new app. On first look everything seemed fine: Homepage shows our Goodbye letter, and all subpages redirect to that homepage.

Problem: Today we got reports that some subpages are still showing the old content for some users.
More a problem: We can even reproduce that ourselves, sometimes and in some browsers.

Here is an example screenshot from my system:

(Chrome on Windows 10)

Some other colleagues all over the world (Spain, US) see some pages as the correct new one, some with the old.

I already redeployed the new app with deleting its cache. No change.

What could be going on here? How can I fix it?

Trying to redeploy the old app again without the rewrites and redirects for its subpages - maybe that is somehow influencing this in a broken way.

Does not solve the problem unfortunately. More pages not show the correct new page for me, but for example still shows the old app.

Some background on the setup:

  • The old used a rewrite to another app for the /docs routes.
  • I now removed all rewrites and redirects from the old deployment (which should not even be shown any more under the domain, but who knows) and it is still being delivered to my browser.

Clicking any link on should really show the new, Goodbye page. Unfortunately quite a few show the old page with the read header banner for me :confused:

Proxying between Netlify sites without careful configurating, and moving hostnames between sites can have unexpected effects like these. I just looked at our traffic logs for and saw and cleared up some of that problem (there were three CDN nodes that had some of the proxy’d content cached that was trumping your updates). I’m not quite sure I got all of it, but based on “which deploys we serve under that namespace” from a live traffic stream, things are pretty vastly improved.

For future reference, a redeploy of the proxy’d to site would have cleared the problem up in the same way I did, so that’s worth a try next time.

Could you let me know if things look better now?

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What site would that have been in this case exactly? What is shown and delivers the content? Or what used to be under that domain?

Can confirm, I personally can not reproduce the problem any more at all - all pages now redirect to the intended page. Still waiting for feedback from colleagues across the world, will report again if something does not work as intended.

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In this case, I meant the docs site. The “wrong content” was the formerly-correct content, from the docs site. I simulated a redeploy, which clears its cache (which was stuck in the other site’s “namespace” since served at the same hostname), which resolved the issue.

Definitely do let us know if you see anything like this again!

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