Site not showing under custom domain after new deployment

I built a react-app and deployed it yesterday evening. The build was successful and after 20 hours of wait, my custom domain was connected successful with netlify.
Now I wanted to fix a typo and pushed a text change on my github. That build was also running successfully and the site shows perfectly under but the custom domains returns an error with DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN, the same it had yesterday while the DNS Settings were still being propagated. I didn’t change anything with the DNS Settings so why is this happening now?

Hey @Cubari

What is the custom domain you are using?

Hi @coelmay , it’s
It’s a domain by google

The domain is loading fine for me.

Everything I see points to correct configuration. Do you still have trouble loading the domain? Have you tried a different browser, private/incognito window, different device or network?

Huh, in Fact, it does work when I’m disconnected from my network. The thing is, other people also used this homepage already prior my latest build, so i’m wondering whether they all can’t open my site unless it’s from a different network

Updating a site and deploying those changes does not impact the DNS in any way shape or form. If using another network show things correctly, there is more likely something with the DNS cache on the network/device that is impacting the loading. Yes, it is possible others may have this issue too. These thing generally sort themselves out.

Glad to hear that then. Thanks for the help!

Hi, @Cubari. It was probably the time to live (TTL) values in the previous records. @coelmay had never visited the site before so his network’s resolver did not have the previous values cached. So, for him, the new records worked immediately.

Your network (probably) had the previous DNS records cached because of TTLs. So, until the TTL expired, the new records would not work for you. This is a DNS limitation - not a Netlify limitation - and there is more information here:

If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

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