Cannot able to acess the custom domain

I just deploy my site from github.First file I deploy in the custom domain was immeditlry deply .
But after some changes in the files and try to depl again,the site was not deployed.
I heck the connection and reset all the connection but the site was not deployed.
Custom Domain:

In preview section on netlfy the changes was seen but that in made in my custom domain.

Hi @sudeepsharma826,

Thanks for reaching out!

Could you clarify where you’re seeing the error? Visiting is resolving properly:

I also show that the SSL Certificate has been provisioned.

Are you still seeing issues? Does it happen on all networks or only a specific network (for example, on your computer’s ISP, it doesn’t work, but on your mobile phone it works)?

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Thank You for helping me.
previously i get the error of dns but i then reset all the connection of domains ,then restart the process to deploy the site.Through this i get rid from the problem.