DNS redirection configuration

Hello, support

Is it possible to point custom domain managed by netlify to another domain’s specific web page?
I want to redirect ebf.live to everybodyfights.com/home

@ebfwebsite It is possible to point an entire domain elsewhere, but I believe it is a violation of the terms of service. The better way to do this is to do the redirection at the registrar level. However, you can also do this with an entry in your _redirect or netlify.toml file, or via a meta refresh in your top-level index.html file. Here’s how to set up a Netlify redirect:

By the way, ebf.live is coming up as blocked by my Netgear security suite.

NETGEAR Armor has blocked this site for your protection! It might contain malware, phishing, fraud attempt or other forms of criminal content that can infect your computer, get sensitive information such as passwords and credit card details or compromise other devices.