Forwarding 1 domain to another inside Netlify

I’m wondering if there is a way I can forward traffic from one domain to another in Netlify. Here are my specifics.

  1. I have a domain name at Namecheap pointing to Netlify nameservers. Site works correctly.
  2. I created a new domain at Namecheap and pointed nameservers to a new Netlify website.
  3. I now have the same website on two domains. All working fine.
  4. I now want to redirect all traffic from the first domain to the newest domain (thereby no longer serving content from the first domain). Can I do this from within Netlify somehow?

I originally planned to redirect at Namecheap, but then discovered it will not redirect https traffic. only http. Can I get netlify to redirect to the newest domain?


hi there,
have you looked into whether redirects can help you accomplish what you need?