Create custom domain ways

I have 2 websites on netlify
The first site is available at
The second site is available on the generated domain from netlify.
We need to link the second website so that it is accessible on the way like ttps://
looking for any advise

hi there,
i think, if i am understanding correctly, what you need is a redirect that points traffic from your second site to the URL you mentioned.

You might check out this doc:

sorry, but it works in wrong way :frowning: it redirects traffic from Demo Headphones to netlify
But I would like to visitors stay on the same page

hi there, you’ll need to keep doing some trial and error and adding the redirects to the other site in that case - unfortunately, we do not have the resources to debug individual people’s code, generally speaking. We can leave your post here and see if a volunteer can assist you, however.