Page fetch failed / redirect error

Hi, this is my first time using Netlify as a host, and most things are working but I have 2 concerns:

How do I direct all traffic to the custom domain. I can currently access my app through both AND Is there any way to redirect the latter to the former without creating some kind of endless loop?

Also I can’t seem to index my site on Google. It is returning ‘Page Fetch: Failed: Redirect error’. I haven’t seen this on prior hosts so not sure what it means.

Any help would be appreciated!

hi there,

welcome to netlify! how have you set up to point to

if you followed the steps outlined here:

then your site will stay reachable under both addresses, but we automatically forward things appropriately by default.

As far as the google error goes - it sounds related, and sounds like something isn’t set up quite right. Check your settings, and i bet we can make the error go away.

Yes, I followed the guide and it is set up as you suggested, with the site being reachable with both. I just thought it was strange to have 2 versions of the site accessible from different URLs. But I’ve just seen this : “By default, your site is always accessible via a Netlify subdomain based on the site name.” in the DNS settings, so it seems like what I’m asking for isn’t possible! Never mind then :slight_smile:

Google just successfully crawled the site, so it must have been a temporary error before.

Thanks anyway !

@scho Welcome to the Netlify community.

The way I’ve always handled this in the past is with an explicit instruction in my _redirects file.