DNS Lookup takes ~10s

I have a problem with my DNS lookup.

I just switched part of my project to netlify. I setup a dev server and point my sub-domain to the new address (adding the nameserver).
The app address works fine https://competent-bardeen-40f1fc.netlify.app/
But the domain access is slow: dev-site.colofon.io

I have a ~10s DNS lookup the first time. If I refresh, it’s normal.

The HAR file. Don’t know if it’s of any use: http://files.colofon.io/dev-site.colofon.io.har


No need to look at the HAR file; your DNS lookup times are not controlled by us.

Relatedly, we have seen OVH’s dns work poorly before when configured as you do - I’d change your record for dev-site.colofon.io to be a CNAME pointing to competent-bardeen-40f1fc.netlify.app for best results (I think you may have an ALIAS now, and their ALIAS records do not work well with our CDN). Let me know if that improves things at all!

It’s working!
Thanks so much for your help.
I’m not really good with DNS so I just followed the guide you provide. Maybe you should update it to talk about alternatives if it’s not working.

I’m now gonna be able to use netlify for production and I can’t wait!

Thanks again.

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