Disable auto build on-push

I am using a CI doing some validations and then I want to trigger a build after a success from CI.

How can I disable the auto-build on a specific project?

You cannot, but we can for you. Let me know the API ID of your site (safe to share publicly, shown on your site’s General Settings page) and we can get auto-builds unhooked for you. This will enable you to still build via webhook, API, or by hitting the “trigger build” button in the UI. Probably webhook or API for your use case :slight_smile:

Here’s the App ID: a000813a-9844-4f20-812a-37b3e8ceb050

Not all people might be looking into this, but please consider it as a feature request too.

I got that enabled for your site.

I’ve also added this thread to the issue tracking that feature request. We’ll let you know if and when it gets implemented. Thank you!