Deployment region

Hi, I’m currently using ecoping to check the co2 of my site and i’m getting a low score due to: “Serving your site from locations which use low carbon energy sources makes a huge impact to the environment as less cooling is required”, and I see that it’s being served from the US. I’m wondering if this could be solved by moving where my site is served from to eu-west-2? I know other sites that are using Netlify and don’t have this problem so I’m wondering if this is the issue?

Site id is: friendly-newton-9ad493 but this applies to all the sites on my pro account. Any information would be great. Thanks.

Hi, we only have eu-central-1. If this function region is okay if so please let me know and I can update your sites.

Hi SamO, thanks for getting back to me. Yeah this is absolutely fine. Thank you :slight_smile:

Done, I updated your site and the sites on your account. Can you please re-deploy to see this take effect!

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Thank you SamO. Appreciated :slight_smile: