Low carbon European CDN


I’ve read here your list of CDN locations.

I’m wondering why no French server is listed there. The climate footprint becoming so important for people and hence enterprises, serving European websites from Germany (rather than France for instance) is a problem, as you can see here : electricityMap | Live 24/7 CO₂ emissions of electricity consumption.

I know there are talks about guaranteeing “green” electricity hosting here, but my question refers specifically to having CDN locations in countries with a low-carbon national grid.

Serving a static websites will never be a significant part of the world’s climate footprint, so no red alert here, but still, it would be better if cared about.

My use case is deploying websites for the french administration. Netlify has been the best solution so far for us in terms of usability, but being able to tell our users and collaborators that we serve french users (99% of ours) mostly from French servers could be a reason by itself to go for a French hosting service :confused:


Hey there, @laem :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out about this. I hear that this is top of mind for you, and I have shared this thread with the relevant stakeholders at Netlify.

Again, I appreciate you sharing this!

Thanks !

For your information, Vercel has a datacenter located in France.

Thanks for following up, @laem! I have shared your additional feedback with the team.

Hi @hillary, do you know if anything’s planned for the coming weeks ? Or if it’s not on the table yet ?

Hi there, @laem

Thanks so much for circling back! I assure you our climate initiatives are not off the table.

We are committed to reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint for our customers and our employees. I have shared your feedback with our relevant stakeholders and leadership, and we are currently working on a comprehensive report, action plan, and climate vision that we will be ready to roll out in the coming quarters, so please stay tuned.