Netlify is down

All 4 of my sites hosted on Netlify are down. Is anyone else experiencing this?!

My Site is getting this error:

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Sorry for the trouble here! We’ve opened an incident and are investigating. Please follow along here for updates: Netlify Status - HTTP 500 errors

@secondl1ght @Niravpatel129 We could move your sites functions regions to a different functions region to help mitigate while AWS resolves the issue if you’ like. Just let me know the site slug!

@audrey thanks for the quick message, my slug is: comforting-horse-1311c5

hey Audrey! could you also help moving our function region temporarily to work around the AWS Lambda deploy issues? our site slug in netlify is “studio-next-prod” and the site is Our team is “Monthly”. My email in Netlify is but also works. Let me know if you can help - we need to deploy a critical hotfix ASAP, so help as soon as possible would be super appreciated.

actually nevermind! seems deploys are back to working now :slight_smile:

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Ok this is resolved now thanks.

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@Niravpatel129 all set on comforting-horse-1311c5 , please redeploy and you’ll get the new region.

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