500 Error's on Dashboard

Looks like we have been getting 500 errors on the Netlify Admin Dashboard. Not sure if anyone else
has experienced the same.


Hi folks,

Sorry for the trouble here! We’ve opened an incident and are investigating. Please follow along here for updates: Netlify Status - HTTP 500 errors

How long does it take to back to normal??

My website is also throwing HTTP ERROR 500 because of this right?

Hi @permlap , sorry for the trouble here!

We believe that the problems in site service are related to a failure in AWS to run lambda functions as mentioned at https://health.aws.amazon.com/health/status

@audrey This is kind of crazy that it’s lasted for so long. Is there any way that you could switch our website from US-EAST-1 to US West?

Or is there anything else that we can do to mitigate the problem?

We are wondering the same as @nimrodpw if we can switch the serverless functions region for our app? I have some colleagues that mentioned this is possible in Vercel but I see no option on the Netlify dashboard. TIA!

@nimrodpw I believe we’ve already moved your site’s functions region in your helpdesk ticket request :tada:

@swaplabs if you could let me know the site slug, I could switch functions region for you!

@audrey Believe this is what you’re looking for: animated-squirrel-90f3c5

all set on animated-squirrel-90f3c5, @swaplabs - redeploy and you’ll get the new region.


Thank you! Can you confirm which region we’re hosted in now?

@swaplabs us-west-1