Error 500 in lambda-functions

I am having a lot of trouble using this function, I have implemented 2 other functions without any problem but the third one always generates an error 500 in the browser console.

This is the termial message:

Thanks in advance

Hey @erianvc
I would check the function’s logs on the Netlify dashboard to see if there is any more error details. Have you had a look there?

@Jinksi the site is not published yet, it is under development with Netlify Dev commands.

@erianvc Ah ok.
Are there any meaningful errors showing up in the terminal where you are running netlify dev?

@Jinksi the error in the console that I show in the post and a error 500 in the browser

hey @erianvc - is your JSON syntax valid? That’s the first thing you’d want to check due to the way things are complaining.

You can validate your JSON here:


@perry it took me 6 hours, but you were right, it was a JSON conversion problem, thanks!


argh, so frustrating. glad you figured it out!

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