500 Errors with Netlify Cloud Functions

Hey everyone,

We’ve had the same old code running for a long time, yet we’ve started getting 500 errors seemingly out of nowhere, whenever we make API calls to our Netlify Cloud Functions from the frontend.

These errors aren’t showing up in our backend function logs on Netlify at all, and they’re intermittent. 50% of the time the API call fails, and 50% it works.

The frontend shows that these calls are failing in just about 200ms, 500 errors without any additional info. There’s nothing on the backend logs clocking in under 500ms. So, it feels like these calls might be getting dropped before they even reach the backend.

I’m curious if any of you have seen something similar happening? Could this be a netlify issue?

I tried creating two deploys on Netlify from the same exact code: a production deploy and a preview deploy. I can reproduce the issue on the production deploy, but not on the preview deploy. This feels like it might be a Netlify issue. Anyone else having this issue?

I was able to promote my preview deploy to production. This workaround seems to be working for now, but feels sketchy. Not sure if there are side effects that I’m unaware of.

To the Netlify team: I think this might be an ongoing issue with Netlify right now. Please message me if I can help with any additional info.

I’m also getting the 500 error with both my production and preview deploys when calling the next auth api to sign in. My production deploy was working well until a couple of hours ago, with no new commits since yesterday. No errors showing up in the logs. I believe the issue is likely with Netlify. My site/sign in is working well locally.

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hi at the time time you wrote in we noticed we had a network hiccup but we’re still investigating. Is this issue still happening?

Hi, just checked and my site is working well again.

Awesome thanks for confirming!