Netlify functions > Intermittent 500 Internal Server Errror responses

We’re having intermittent issues with functions, we have a very basic function that returns a dummy JSON object, I added logs at the beginning of the function, but don’t see anything in the function logs, looks like it fails before our code executes and we get a 500 error.

Instance name:
Request ID: bbc78bde-f700-4f02-abd2-c48bbe2f696f-870330

The request is made from a .NET Core backend, I haven’t been able to reproduce it when using Postman or similar tool.

I think I may have found the underlying issue. We were using this package: to build our requests. Looks like it’s outdated and do something weird with the request payload.

We got rid of this package and used stuff built-in the .NET Core framework and it now works all the time.

Hi, @snipcart. Welcome to the Netlify community site and thank you for the follow-up.

We appreciate you letting us know how the issue was resolved. This will hopefully be a useful topic for someone that runs into similar issues in the future. Thanks again for sharing the solution!