500 error and no error logs on background and scheduled functions

Site name: https://benchmarkprofessional.netlify.app/
Deploy preview endpoint: Benchmark Pro
Hello guys, I am working on some background functions but I am receiving
some 500 errors.
I can’t find a way to debug it, and this is the error I see on the background function
Error Message Console: Aug 5, 05:43:40 PM: [ERROR] Function logs are currently unavailable. We are working on resolving the issue.
The same happens with scheduled functions too.
Is there a way to debug them or see some logs that could me to solve the 500 error?
Kind regards.

Hi @dcadenaallan,

Is this related:

The link says that the incident was solved but I keep presenting the fault, additionally the incident was from August 4 and the fault that I am reporting is from August 5 a day later.

And as I inform in the report, it is about a deploy preview created on August 5, one day after the related bug was solved.

Hello @hrishikesh,

Is there anything we can take a look at?

I will appreciate any hint.

Kind regards.

Hey there, @ltroya-as :wave:

Are you experiencing a similar issue? If so, can you please share your site name, your most recent deploy log, and any error messages you are receiving?

Hi @hillary

The site name is https://deploy-preview-681--benchmarkprofessional.netlify.app/

Hey there, @dcadenaallan :wave:

Looking at your helpdesk ticket, it looks like you shared that this was solved as of yesterday. Is this the same issue that you were discussing with @Melvin in your ticket?

If it is a different error, we need:

  • a login so that we can access the site
  • a reproduction, if you do not want to share or generate logins
  • your function name

Thank you!

Hey @hillary :wave:

The logs are working now but we still have the 500 error problem in the background functions.

I’m going to talk to my team to review the issue of accessing the site, but I need you to confirm which email I can send you the login information to.

Additionally, I made a small document where you can see how to replicate the error.

Hi @dcadenaallan,

You can send the info to any one or more of us:

@hrishikesh, @hillary, @audrey, @Melvin. Do note that, I and Hillary would be out of office as of tomorrow, which is why we ask you to send it to multiple folks so that, if someone else lands on this thread till then, the debugging can continue. Feel free to share it in a Private Message and include a link back to this thread.

Regarding the detailed PDF that you’ve shared, are you able to extract all of that function code in a test repo so we can try it on our end too?

Hi @hrishikesh,

On August 17 I wrote to them privately and so far I have not received a response. I appreciate your prompt response

Hey there, @dcadenaallan :wave:

Thanks for reaching out. I have received your DM and shared the information with my team. This is now outside of my technical expertise, but a member of the Support staff will look into it as soon as we are available. Thanks for your extended patience.

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Hey @dcadenaallan,

Sorry for the delay. From what we can see in our logs, we’re getting an error from AWS saying:

Error occurred while handling function request: request body size has exceed the documented limits

This would typically mean that you’ve sent more than 256 KB of payload to a background function. Could you confirm if that’s the case?

Hey @hrishikesh

Yes, at this moment the file that I am sending is 628.4 kb. Is it possible to raise this limit?

The strange thing is that a while ago, it was working correctly

:wave: @dcadenaallan

Unfortunately, no that limit is set by AWS and not possible to raise it Lambda quotas - AWS Lambda

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Hey @audrey

Are these limits new? previously it was working for us with files of this size

No, the limits have always existed. The limit is 6 MB for standard functions and 256 KB for background functions.


Thank you very much, we will implement a new solution

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Thanks for confirming, @dcadenaallan. If you encounter future questions, don’t hesitate to follow up!

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You guys have to be kidding me.
How is something like

The limit is 6 MB for standard functions and 256 KB for background functions.

nowhere to find in the docs? 256 KB seem ridiculously low, I’m reaching that with pure JSON to build emails, how aren’t more people running into that when sending attachments or thelike?

Please netlify, add these to the documentation on the documentation page

and link it in the full feature list at

  • payload limits
  • memory limits
  • concurrency limits
  • function size limits

I see this as a basic requirement for Netlify’s otherwise professional documentation.

( Context:
I’m running into the same issue since 3 days and wasted so much time trying to find out why my background function sometimes returns a 500 and never logs that.
It’s a scheduled job invoking the same background function ~100 times with varying payloads (sending email batches) and randomly failing, always without log. )

Oh and another thing: you sell functions as a product. I buy this from Netlify.
Part of the functionality is a log.
I see that there might be technical reasons why hitting these limitations doesn’t show up in the function logs, but that’s a problem for the product. The product I bought threw an error - it has to be in my product’s error log.

I believe in you Netlify.

Hi @econic

Thanks for taking the time to share this feedback. I have sent it over to the relevant teams so that they are aware of this pain point. Should you have additional thoughts, don’t hesitate to reach out.