How to view function logs for netlify dev


My site is stupefied-lamarr-20c8d9

I have a general question about viewing logs or other methods for debugging lambda functions while they are still in development using netlify dev

In particular I am getting a 500 error returned by a function in some circumstances. I call the function from my browser using

  • In the browser I get a message saying “the function has crashed” with no details.

  • In the browser console I get “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)” with no further details

  • In the terminal I get one initial console log (successful connection to mogodb) then I get this
    “Response with status 500 in 1585 ms.” with no further details

  • I get no terminal logs from the function I am calling, not even a log at the very top of the function saying nothing more than ‘graphQLSansApollo–handler started’

  • since this code is not deployed I can’t look at the function logs (correct?)

So something is causing that 500 error…how can I see some debugging info to help me solve it?

It’s your responsibility to add more logs in your code, so you can see what’s happening. We have no insights into why your function is throwing a 500, but that’s basically where the logs are.