Green Hosting at Netlify

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Currently, I have my Nextjs app deployed on Netlify and I need to get the green certificate from the Green Web Foundation. Please let me know how I can achieve this. To my knowledge, Netlify is using AWS underneath. Therefore, we just have to change the current AWS region to an AWS green-supported region.


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While not an official answer, could appear “green” or “not green” depending on the time the site is checked. I initially received a “green”, followed by a “grey” rating. This is because the the site is served from a global CDN, some of which are green, some of which aren’t. The same would apply for the custom domain you use too.

I believe you will find the following thread of interest

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Hey there, @JayJayNinetyFive :wave:

Welcome to the Netlify Forums and thanks for reaching out! Echoing @coelmay, this will depend on the time of day due to our global CDN. If you are looking for further information in the interim, I suggest checking out AWS and GCP, as these are two cloud providers we run across who have publicly shared their sustainability commitments.

I have surfaced you request to our internal teams here at Netlify. Like I mention in the thread Coel linked above, we are currently working on a comprehensive report, action plan, and climate vision that we will be ready to roll out in the coming quarters, so please stay tuned!

We genuinely appreciate folks taking the time to raise questions such as this. Thank you!

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