Deployment not found after adding custom domain

Hi guys so I recently just added a custom domain on my deployed netlify project everything works good but when i try to access the web app on a WIFI network using the custom domain url I get this error:

404: NOT_FOUNDCode: DEPLOYMENT_NOT_FOUNDID: cdg1::f8ln6-1712057509119-5802ef148d00

I am currently based in Nigeria and on our local network providers like MTN, AIRTEL, GLO etc. I can access the website without getting that error but on a WIFI network I get the 404 error. Is there a reason for this?

Hi @jessicajoseph,

Thanks for reaching out!

I’m not able to replicate an issue. Visiting on my Wifi is resolving properly. If I understand correctly it’s working on a different network other then your WiFi for you? You may need to contact your WiFi’s ISP to see if they can investigate the issue.

I do see that DNS is configured correctly for Netlify DNS:

dig NS +trace | tail -n 6 3600	IN	NS 3600	IN	NS 3600	IN	NS 3600	IN	NS
;; Received 138 bytes from 2a00:edc0:6259:7:2::4#53( in 38 ms
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