Next.js Deployed website with Custom domain cannot visit under my own wifi

:slightly_smiling_face:Working using my home wifi: Netlify domain:
:face_with_thermometer:Not working using my home wifi: External domain:

Error message:
It directs me to this domain stright away with blank page :

sometimes give me this:

I am not sure if this is relevent with Netlify, however, just give a shot maybe some of you been through the same odd error like me.

BTW, it’s working when I use mobile data after clear browser cache. but no luck under wifi
And my friends can open from their end as well.

Thanks in advance! :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hi, @zyc2339. The error in in the screenshot is not for a site hosted at Netlify. The domain in the screenshot is


There is no site at Netlify using that domain name. As that domain doesn’t point to Netlify in any way, we cannot assist with debugging that DNS error.