Deploy not updating

I’m trying to make a small edit to my site ( — just a small text change to add in a parentheses that’s missing from the text. However, when I update the relevant index.html file and upload the new deploy and publish it, my website doesn’t update. If I refresh the browser, I see the change for a split second before it reverts back to the previous state. Any idea why?

Hi @Prask, welcome to the Netlify Support Forums.

Kindly visit the Netlify forums post below as it is similar to your problem and then follow the suggestions there to see if it helps.

If the above does not work you can visit the Netlify Support Guide page below regarding troubleshooting deploys and builds to see if the suggestions there helps as well.


Thanks for the suggestions. I’ve read through these threads and others, but still can’t find a solution to the issue I’m experiencing.

Hi @Prask, thanks for the feedback.
First of all if you have confirmed that the changes you have made are reflected on your Git repository,
kindly try to Unlink and then Re-Link your Git repository to see if it works.

How to link a Git repository - Repository permissions and linking | Netlify Docs
How to unlink a Git repository - Repository permissions and linking | Netlify Docs