My site not updating changes

Hi! I have a site hosted on Netlify and when I go to make changes it’s not updating.

can then see the updated files on Github - GitHub - Liubov-Ukr/weather-react

Hello @Liubov-Ukr, welcome and thanks for posting. Sorry you are having challenges with your site not updating.

First of all have you checked if auto publishing for the site is turned off.

If auto publishing is turned off you’ll want to enable auto publishing to ensure that the latest successful builds are automatically published!

Kindly visit the link below on how to toggle auto publishing for your site.

Let me know if the above suggestion works or not.
Hope this helps.

Hi, @Liubov-Ukr. The site isn’t updating because the deploys are failing. There are errors in the build logs and you can find more information here:

If you fix any errors in the build command, the site will start updating again. If there are other questions, please let us know.


The problem was solved. Thanks for the help. :grinning:

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