Site not updating after deployment

I have updated my React site via Github but the changes doesn’t reflect on the live site.
Here is the site:
Here is the github link:

Thank you,

Hi :wave:t6: @shagariboy welcome back to the Netlify support forums. The recent change I see on your repo is a change to the github logo. Can you share what the intended outcome is supposed to look like? Also the github you linked here differs from the github you link on your site.

I have made changes before, which include changes to the project’s gif. From my side it’s the same repo, can you share the repos you see.

Looks like this should be resolved? Your previous builds were failing.

The changes i made in the repo are not reflecting on the website.

The repo showed only one commit which was to update the github logo. What is your site supposed to look like locally vs your deployed version.

Perhaps you can also try linking and unlinking your repo and reinitiate the deploy.