Build isn't updating files

I’ve sync’d my project to my gitHub repo so all my pushes will get automatically deployed on Netlify. The builds/ deploys are successful, yet none of my recent changes are reflected in the deploys.
I’ve checked the Deploy Settings and made sure that I’m deploying from only 1 branch on gitHub (main).
I’ve enabled automatic deployment.
All permissions and read access to my repo is correct.
I’ve checked my gitHub repo and made sure my changes have been pushed and can see the changed code.

This is strange since I’ve had no problems previously with changes being reflected on Netlify.

Any help is appreciated!

Hi @codeWalrus,

Thanks for reaching out!

If you download the deploy here, do you see the files are updated?

Hi Melvin

No, I do not see the updated files or changes I’ve made.

I downloaded from here:
Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 6.31.50 AM

How can we confirm this? What is something you’ve changed and is not updated?

For example, I’ve changed a URL for a link in my web page.
The web page displays the old URL.

I’ve also tested by changing the title of a section.
The web page displays the old title.

Why is the Netlify deploy not updating?

Thanks in advance

I figured out why my deploys were not updating.

My app was rendering files labeled as ‘template.html’ instead of ‘index.html’. I was looking at the wrong file.

Woops. My mistake.

Thanks for the input anyway.s