Custom_domain is owned by another account(my previous account associated was deleted)

I cannot use my domain with my current account. I had my domain set up on my old account set up with the email “”, but this account is now deleted, so unfortunately I cannot do anything to release my domain. I searched the docs, and it looks like the only solution is for netlify to set in and adjust it on their end. Correct me if I am wrong and if there is something I can do on my end.

Hi @PntraNegra

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We can remove the old DnsZone from the old account if you can verify domain ownership for us. Here’s a thread that talks about how to go about that:

Goodmorning Elden, I just added that txt DNS record for you to verify with the link set to this ticket for you to review. Please let me know of the following steps I need to complete. Thank you.

Hey @PntraNegra , we’ve taken care of this for you now! Let us know if you run into any other issues and we’d be happy to help.

Yes that worked for me, thank you!

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