Configure external DNS for a custom domain mixup

Hello, guys!

I’m currently kind of confused on what do I need to do for setting up my custom domain, which was registered externally an dusing an external DNS (AWS’ Route 53).

According to the official documentation, if the domain is already registered (which is the case) and I want to continue using my DNS provider (also the case) I should go to the external DNS configuration page.

In that section it tells me that I should only make a CNAME record from my DNS provider pointing to Netlify’s domain. In my case this being pointing to

But my confusion arises when at the top of this same support page it says (with a screenshot) that I must check my DNS configuration and add to my current DNS the Netlify servers in my NS record. But isn’t this the same step for the delegating your domain to Netlify and it contradicts the statement that I don’t want to change my DNS provider?

Sorry if this is kind of silly, I’m new to DNS and this has been confusing me. Is there a way I can keep my NS records like Route 53 provides it and still point my domain to my website hosted on Netlify? I tried resetting everything and just pointing via CNAME my domain to Netlify’s but, I never got the SSL. Is delegating my site to Netlify’s DNS mandatory for getting the SSL certificate? I don’t think I got that.

I have also tried setting my NS record to point to Netlify’s servers but I still could not get my SSL certificate. So I’m at a loss because nothing I have tried seems to be working and I have tried several configurations wit the records (including an A record for the apex domain and waiting 48hrs between changes) and no luck.

Right now my last attempt was setting NS records for both my apex domain ( and my www subdomain ( to point to Netlify’s servers (an no extra records like CNAMEs or As) and I’m waiting confirmation on the UI’s that the change has been made for the apex domain (image below). If this does work, would I need to put my records other records (other CNAMEs for other projects, MX, SOA, TXT) on Netlify’s UI?

Sorry if this is somewhat dumb, I have tried reading the docs several times and watching YT videos but I still can’t get my head around this.

Hi @amedpal

Yes. This is outlined in the external DNS configuration documentation you have linked to.

Currenly is set to use Netlify DNS.

% dig NS		172751	IN	NS		172751	IN	NS		172751	IN	NS		172751	IN	NS

If you want to use external DNS, change the nameservers back to AWS, then, as per the external DNS documentation, add a CNAME and A record to AWS, and add the custom domain to your site. You also need to remove the domian from Netlify DNS under the Domains menu item at the top of the dashboard.

Check out

You’ll also find this support guide will have further relevant information

Further supports guides also found in

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Thanks for all the helpful links, @coelmay! :raised_hands:

@amedpal, no such thing as a silly question-- DNS is a complex topic! Let us know if the resources Coel shared get you on the right track.

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Hey, @coelmay !

Thank you for your response and the links. I swear I had that same configuration before but it didn’t work, maybe I didn’t wait the 48hrs or now that I think about it, maybe I didn’t remove the domain for the Domains menu :thinking: .

I’ll give it another try, thanks!