Seeking Guidance: Setting Up Custom Domain without NS Modification

Hello wonderful Netlify community,

I’m reaching out for some valuable assistance in a unique situation. Here’s all the information you need to help me out:

Netlify Site Name:
Custom Domain:

I’ve recently acquired a domain from “TopHost,” and I’m eager to configure it for my Netlify-hosted website. However, there’s a twist—TopHost doesn’t permit direct modification of NS (Name Server) records. Instead, I have the option to work exclusively with these record types: A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, and TXT.

Now, my inquiry is whether there’s a feasible way to establish my Netlify subdomain,, as the prominent domain for my website through these available record types. My intention is to make this happen without any alteration to NS records.

The domain I’ve secured from TopHost is

Challenge: I’m currently unsure about the correct approach to configuring DNS records with the limited record types at my disposal to achieve this specific goal.

If any of you have tackled a similar scenario or possess relevant insights on configuring a custom domain without the need to alter NS records, I would be immensely grateful for your wisdom. Your expertise could be the key to ensuring that my Netlify subdomain seamlessly transforms into the primary domain for my website, enabling it to operate flawlessly.

With deep appreciation for your time and support,

Hi @MarioAvolio, you’re able to configure external DNS without changing your nameservers. You can do that following the instructions in this support guide:

Hi. I insert the config you linked but this is the results.


Hi @MarioAvolio, you’ll need to connect the custom domain to whatever site you wish to use it on. You can do that under site configuration > domains > add a domain