Concerns about Github contributors and Netlify team members

Hello Netlify support team,

We are an agency of several developers, and our current Netlify project consists of one team member account that hosts our corporate site. Today, one of our developers sent a deploy request via Github, but the build was paused under the label ‘Pending Review’.

Netlify is telling us that ‘A Netlify team owner will need to invite the contributor to the team and approve the deploy to trigger the build’. Inviting the contributor would require us to add an extra billable seat from our understanding.

Is there a way such that we can continue to have one Netlify team member that would approve deploys from our developer’s Github accounts? Or are we required to invite and create Netlify team members for all developers working on the project? Thank you.

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The same thing happened to our team today as well. Up until today, our devs were able to push code to the GitHub repository to trigger an automatic deployment without needing any approval.

I was wondering if there is still a way to allow devs to push code and trigger deployments without having to add them as members to Netlify, because we would like to minimize costs as much as possible.

This has also started happening today with our organisation.

Where in the documentation is this? Is this a setting that can be disabled.

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If you haven’t already, you can see the announcement and more recent backlash here:


Uh oh. Our organisation has less than 10 developers but I imagine a project with many devs and or content managers using MD or similar for their content management are going to have to move to a competitor

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lol what have I done to these threads

We’re a 3 person company, all of us developers and it impacts us.

It forces you to pay per-month for every contributor on any repository within your account to ensure their commits are deployed, even if those contributors aren’t human (e.g. bots).

Once you get to 7+ you need to talk to their sales team for an “enterprise account”, which is $2000+ a month.


I recommended Netlify to a client prior to this change. The use-case is a Git-backed CMS site with a significant number of content authors. As of May, Netlify changed the pricing rules such that this client is forced to pay 5X to Netlify for the same service.

Please consider rolling back this ill-conceived change that makes a standard use-case of Netlify cost-prohibitive moving forward.


The sun is setting on the “too good to be true” honeymoon with Netlify. The business model is shifting to focus on their upmarket customers - nothing against this, adjust to it or move on. I use Gatsby myself and it is probably time to finally look at their hosting model.

Hi folks–
I want to assure you that the Support Team is taking all of this feedback and sharing it widely with leaders off of our team. As we have promised in other threads, we will share more news widely and loudly as soon as we have it. We have already seen the impact of poorly planned communications, and the Support Team appreciates your patience as we partner across our organizations to get plans ready.

If you have not already seen @biilmann’s statement from yesterday, please follow this link and read more.

Lastly, if you have additional concerns and would like to talk to a member of our staff one on one- please follow this link . This will connect you to our support team where we can work privately via email

To reiterate a previous issue, we (W3C WAI) also have specific devs who we want to get preview deploys automatically but cannot be Netlify Team members as that gives them way to much access. To be specific these are people who provide translations of our assets and no more.

BUT random drive by PRs should NEVER build a preview. Until approved in some way.

All our repos are public. The special secret env vars logic does not really work and feels like a hack.

Not easy to resolve but I think some sort of roles would do it.


hey slim,

thank you. This is exactly the kind of complexity we are considering and part of why it is taking a few days to get news out on changes.

I’m hoping we’ll be able to get some information out to people by the end of the week.

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Hi there, we have just released some more information about pricing changes.

here is a thread with a link to our blog:

In order to keep conversation all in one place, please continue the discussion there.