CNAME not propagating

I added a cname to a netlify managed dns which was registered externally but the dns record is not propagating(every other record works).
domain is and subdomain is which is meant to be pointing to a gitbook but it takes too long to show up i think something else is wrong.

Hi, has it been 48 hours? DNS propagation is not instant.

It was, but i had to delete the record and add it back to see if there would be a change, its almost 24hours now but it hasnt propagate, everything was working fine initially, the real issue started when we needed to configure email records(TXT and MX) which caused some part of the domain to stop working.
are there other reasons for a domain record not to be detected even after the 48hrs allocated time?

Hi thanks for sharing this additional context. I checked and your DNS has fully propagated. Are you still experiencing this issue?

yes, the problem is at a subdomain

As far as I can see, you’re not using Netlify DNS. So this is not something we can help with.

dig NS +short

These are not Netlify’s nameservers.

But its showing here i am using a netlify DNS which confirmed i have everything setup

You have an inactive DNS Zone, although it says “Netlify DNS” you are not actually using Netlify DNS. To do so, you’d need to delegate your nameservers to those listed on your DNS settings page:

this has been resolved and working fine.

We have encountered a new problem, trying to add this subdomain but its not propagating.

As far as I can tell, you no longer use our DNS:

% whois |grep -i "name server"
Name Server:
Name Server:

…so I guess you’ll want to configure that at namecheap directly considering your current configuration does not reflect what is set here which is all set up correctly, should you set your nameservers to what our UI shows here: Netlify App