'Check DNS configuration' Error after setting up new site

A few hours ago, I configured a new site, https://crazy-cockatoo.com, on Netlify. I use Cloudflare for my DNS. I used Cloudflare’s CNAME flattening feature for my apex record: both my CNAME apex record and CNAME www subdomain point to my vibrant-leavitt-d14657.netlify.app Netlify subdomain.

Since I was using CNAME flattening, I am using my apex domain as my primary domain with www redirecting to my primary domain.

My site is up and functioning; both https://crazy-cockatoo.com and https://www.crazy-cockatoo.com load just fine.

However, on my Netlify domain control panel, I am seeing “Check DNS configuration” for both my primary and www domain names.

Additionally my SSL cert is “Waiting on DNS propagation”. When I click on “Verify DNS configuration”, I get "DNS verification failed • crazy-cockatoo.com doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify”.

As a secondary points of consideration, I set up in Netlify crazy-cockatoo-games.com and www.crazy-cockatoo-games.com as aliases to crazy-cockatoo.com. These URLs also load just fine, but have the same “Check DNS configuration” warnings.

I am unsure how to proceed to resolve this.

Finally, at the same time, I one of my existing Netlify sites over to using CNAME flattening (https://xeticode.com) and it appears to be working fine as well, but also has the same “Verify DNS configuration” error (lucid-mestorf-4f7da8.netlify.app).

Thanks for the help.

I just solved this issue. For some reason, I thought I needed to use Cloudflare’s proxying setting (the orange cloud) to get CNAME flattening, but that is actually not the case. I turned this setting off (to the grey cloud), and Netlify is now happy. Hopefully this will help someone else.

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thank you for sharing!