Certificado https

não estou conseguindo o certificado https no meu subdomínio

Can you provide the subdomain in question @willian007

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DNS for this domain is not correctly configured for this domain, the apex domain or www subdomain it appears.

It would appear mestredosgames.online is using Netlify DNS

$ dig mestredosgames.online NS
mestredosgames.online.	4442	IN	NS	dns2.p06.nsone.net.
mestredosgames.online.	4442	IN	NS	dns1.p06.nsone.net.
mestredosgames.online.	4442	IN	NS	dns3.p06.nsone.net.
mestredosgames.online.	4442	IN	NS	dns4.p06.nsone.net.

If you followed the documentation for delegating a domain to Netlify, assigning a custom domain to a production site and the section about DNS records you would see that you should not configure DNS records for a domain with the value as this is used when configuring external DNS only.

You need to remove all the A and CNAME records you have and configure the apex domain and the www and info-game subdomains correctly following the documentation linked above. Once you have correctly configured DNS you will see NETLIFY* type records and SSL certificate issuance will occur.

ainda não entendi pois meu dominio principal esta funcionando normal com https, so o subdominio que não.

You are the same person @willian and @willian007?

The issue is evident in the following dig output

$ dig mestredosgames.online +trace |tail -n 7
mestredosgames.online.	3600	IN	A
mestredosgames.online.	3600	IN	NS	dns2.p06.nsone.net.
mestredosgames.online.	3600	IN	NS	dns3.p06.nsone.net.
mestredosgames.online.	3600	IN	NS	dns4.p06.nsone.net.
mestredosgames.online.	3600	IN	NS	dns1.p06.nsone.net.
;; Received 183 bytes from in 356 ms

The solution is discussed in this support guide

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obrigado pela paciência, enfim conseguir

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