Setting up a blog app but Domain name issues

I enjoy using netlify because its not over complaticing my deploy and it works however I would like to my domain name show instead the subdomain. The UI is not providing enough feedback/details with what’s wrong and neither is the docs.

the site name is

I have a domain name from that I delete DNS zone with and replace with the recommend Netlify way but it hasn’t change. is this due to lack of TLS or HTTPS certification.
How do I generate one for my domain name? I look at docs HTTPS (SSL) | Netlify Docs

I figure out that the automatically generated HTTPS cert failed to generate. I did not get much user feedback when I clicked “Verify DNS configuration” just error on DNS verification failed doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify.

  • DNS issues? Tell us the custom domain, tell us the error message! We can’t help if we don’t know your domain.

I visit the site I get ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

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Hey @Gresliebear,

I believe you might have to contact for that. The domain is not showing any DNS records when checked with: dig NS +trace


I deleted DNS zone per these instructions on Netlify and I told Netlify picks up the domain automatically?

Do you think I have to configure DNS zone configuration with? on

Hey @Gresliebear,

If you’re willing to use, you will simply have to add the domain to Netlify and add the nameservers that Netlify shows in your DNS panel.