Can't rerun failed Netlify checks for GitHub PR

PR: switch from CRA/Jest to Vite/Vitest by aqandrew · Pull Request #63 · aqandrew/fret-zone · GitHub

When I first opened this PR, all of the Netlify checks failed because of an incompatible Node version. E.g., Netlify App

error sass@1.63.6: The engine node is incompatible with this module. Expected version >=14.0.0. Got 12.18.0

I fixed the error by setting a compatible Node version in the NODE_VERSION environment variable. I’ve since deployed successfully twice from that branch:

  1. Netlify App
  2. Netlify App

However, the PR is still marked as All checks have failed. I’ve gone into the details for each check and hit Re-run, and gotten GitHub’s banner of `You have successfully requested Header rules - fret-zone be rerun.

How can I rerun all of the failed checks? Any help on this would be much appreciated!

Nevermind, I was able to re-run all checks by pushing an empty commit:

git commit -m "retrigger checks" --allow-empty

Thanks for sharing the solution with the community @aqandrew ! :raised_hands: :tada: