Can't Deploy to Custom Domain and Can't Add MX Records


I would like to first say that I’m new to all of this and that I might have made a stupid mistake somewhere, so please bear with me.

I’ve successfully uploaded a website on Netlify’s generated URL. I’ve then followed all the steps to connect my own domain (changed the DNS records in my domain registrar so that they point towards Netlify’s servers).
However, at the time of writing, 36 hours have passed and I’m still getting the following error: doesn’t appear to be served by Netlify*”
I’ve followed the troubleshooting guide, and ran the dig command which returned with a “Status: Refused” message.

Additionally, I don’t know if this is linked, but when I try and add a new MX record in my Netlify DNS settings (to connect emails, using the mail provider’s MX records), I get a “Not Found” error after clicking on the save button.

I’ve tried everything but feel completely lost…

Thanking you in advance for any response.


@vladimoros2 Welcome to the Netlify community. Your DNS is truly in a bad place right now. Here are the steps I would try in your place.

  1. Double-check the names of the four DNS servers you are supposed to list with your registrar to switch over to Netlify DNS. You will find these in your Netlify dashboard, and
  2. Verify that these are the names you entered with your registrar. Note: Do not add these as DNS entries with your registrar, but rather replace your registrar’s DNS with Netlify’s.
  3. If everything looks good to this point, make some change to the settings at your registrar – such as deleting one or two of the Netlify DNS name server addresses, and then re-adding them – to see if you can jog your registrar into sharing the correct information with the rest of the world.

If these steps don’t resolve the issue, then delete the custom domain from Netlify, and then re-add them.

If you still can’t connect, then someone at Netlify will have to step in.

FWIW, I show that (and etc.) are set as your name servers, but that they are not responding with any information about your site.

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@gregraven You have well earned your title of Community Champion! Thank you for your welcome and time today!

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