Can't get Netlify DNS to propagate


I recently purchased a domain from Netlify and was disconnected during the registration process. The purchase went through, but now I have no DNS records and after multiple trips through the ‘Add or register domain’ process - I still can’t get DNS to propagate.

I’ve read through the docs and all it says is to register, verify, and they’ll handle the rest, but something must be missing because it never goes through.

Any ideas?

as I asked on twitter, please tell us the domain so we can try to help!

My apologies! I forgot to mention in the original post.

Yup, so if you do what I suggested in my first tweet:

  • remove hostnames from the site (well, I don’t see that you’ve added it to any site, yet, so you can skip this step)
  • (re-)add hostnames to the site (on the domain settings page)

…I think you’ll find we create automatic records, and they work. You can manually create other records like MX here:

Ah, I see where the disconnect was. Again, my apologies. Thank you for your help!