Still waiting on DNS propagation last 5 days

I purchased a custom domain from Netlify 5 days ago and it’s still in the “waiting on DNS propagation”. I have seen a few other posts and they are also facing same issue and I hope netlify(my favorite) will fix this problem soon so that other people do not face this issue.

The Netlify domain is:

The purchased domain is:

I hope someone can help me with the issue, thanks!

Hey @rakib0011,
Very sorry to hear you’re running into this. We’re looking into it. One thing that’s surprising is that there are no DNS records associated with the domain you bought- did you delete them in the process of trying to get things working or did they never exist?

Well, that was weird! But I went ahead and created the records you needed and issued you the cert, so you should be all set :slight_smile: let us know if that’s not the case!