After 5 days: stuck with “Waiting on DNS propagation”

I ordered the domain on Netlify 5 days ago, hoping that this was the easiest way to get going with my website on Netlify, but I am still seeing “Waiting on DNS propagation” and “We could not provision a Let’s Encrypt certificate for your custom domain.” – the website cannot be reached.
I assigned a subdomain to serve one of my sites, but it is not showing.

Here is a screenshot:

Hope you can help!

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Hi @timsp. I show that SSL certificate working now.

I’m also seeing oddness in that the DNS record which was created for that domain name was only created today, not five days ago. (The domain itself was registered five days ago, but the required DNS record was not.)

Did you perhaps, delete the domain name from the site and add it back again today? If so, that would have forced the creation of the required DNS record.